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About Tom's B.S. at Sahoma Lake

We are Tom and Debbie Chandler, and we've just gotten a good start as caretakers out here at Sahoma and Pretty Water Lakes, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  We love it here.  The nature, the water, the fish...oh yeah, and the fish stories!  We are getting to know everyone, and there are a great group of folks who come fishing here every day.  

Be sure to check out our Pics from the 2014 Kids' Derby, sure got some big smiles!

Great News!  The Lake is Full!  

Boats are being launched, habitats and weed beds are submerged and things are getting back to normal.  All the docks are floating and the fish are happy!  

Thanks to a very generous contribution from Brian and Kary Smejkel of Bubbletown Car Wash and the Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department, work has started on the addition to the bait shop, and we should have minnows soon!  There will also be a large covered deck built on the west side of the bait shop with tables and a beautiful view of the lake.  Things are starting to look up out here.  Come by and check out all the changes!

Come on out and join us June 6, 2015 for the fourth annual Sahoma Lake Kids' Fishing Derby!  Details on Derby 2015 page!


Tom's BS  Store Hours:

Closed Mon & Tues

Wed-Thurs-Fri  6-11am and 1-6pm

Sat & Sun 6am- 6 pm

We offer soft drinks, snacks, ice, live bait and tackle,kayak and paddle boat rentals, City permits to fish, boat or camp, and our own brand of humor.

(Tom's B.S. is shared freely with the public at no additional charge.)

Come and visit our Facebook page Tom's BS for the most up to date news about life and our adventures here at Sahoma Lake. 

Sapulpa Lakes are some of the best fishing in the county.   We are learning more and more every day about the ecology, wildlife and mannerisms of these two spectacular small lakes as the seasons turn.  All in the hopes of bringing you a better, more natural fishing experience. 

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